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KOROKS in Breath of the Wild are happy little guys who help you on your quest.

There are almost 1000 of them hidden all over Zelda’s map, and if you find them they reward you with seeds.

The seeds can then be exchanged for inventory upgrades to your weapon, shield and bow stash.

This is also how they function in Tears of the Kingdom, but now they do more than just hide.

Koroks can now be found in plain sight, though they are often stranded due to the weight of their backpacks.

These Koroks want to be reunited with their friend who is usually over an obstacle they can’t cross.

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This means players have to create something to carry our little Korok friend to safety.

However, many people are instead choosing to create new ways of harming our little planty pals.

Due to Tears of the Kingdom’s new creation tools, there are several things you can do with the Koroks.

This trend was likely started when people started attaching rockets to Koroks, trying to get them to their destinations.

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Players started noticing that the rockets send their Koroks shooting off, either into outer space or halfway across the map.

After experimenting with Koroks people found you could create a train of them to drag behind your vehicle or horse.

While it’s not the most ethical way to help them out, it would still get them to their destination.

Even using them as bumpers on mine carts can be forgiven as the easiest way to get a Korok to their friend.

However, this cruel kindness soon turned to pure cruelty as people looked for new ways to harm our seed-sharing saps.

Whether players were burning them at the stake, or putting a row of them on a rotisserie, nothing seemed off limits.

Luckily, Koroks are immortal and any kind of harmful invention created will only receive an ‘Oof’ from the little guys.

But the way that people are using Koroks just shows how much choice Nintendo has put into the game and its creative modes.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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