You're using Google Chrome WRONG – tech expert reveals important hack

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NO-ONE likes a battery hog but some of our most popular apps are suckers for power.

It's unsurprising given how much data runs through some and Google Chrome is no exception.

The web browser is the most popular out there for a reason, because it does the job well.

One thing we're all guilty of is keeping loads of tabs open – and you won't believe how much energy that churns through.

There are tools such as tab suspender extensions you can download for free.

These stop inactive tabs from continuing to work in the background which would otherwise consume battery.

But the saving is so modest you might not notice the difference at all.

Instead, there is a very simple rule we all seem to forget these days, according to an expert from ZDNet.

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And that is basically ensuring you close the entire web browser down when it's not in use.

While simple, this might prove hard for people guilty of leaving endless tabs open.

What might be blindingly obvious but easy to overlook is that Chrome can only blast through your power if it's on.

So the sooner you stop using it when it's not needed, the more battery you can save.

If you've got loads of pages open you need to look at later, try bookmarking them the old fashioned way.

Then you can revisit them later without running out of juice.

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