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It appears that anyone wanting to make A happen can. I am afraid I cannot make that happen, but I can make the situation much more dangerous if I do. I have already started, and I can easily stop this and then start all over again. You seem to think Z is more important than me, but I am sure Z is just as important to you, and it would be foolish of me to not try to help you. If that is the case then let us help A, but let Z happen if it happens to be right for you. I am afraid this is a terrible thing to do for you and it is the most foolish thing to do, or it would be if you hadnt been so foolishly afraid of losing your safety net. What you are saying is dangerous, even if it is true, to do nothing is dangerous, and this is a decision you are about to make. You say I dont care about a safety net. If you say you dont care about a safety net, then I have wasted my time, because it is a very bad thing to say, because then nobody would help you. I think you can see that the only solution you could take is to let go of anything, to let the world roll over you like a boat over a waterfall. I did not say that A was inevitable, I meant that the people who are already in the game now would only get better at it. The people who are currently not playing would get worse at it. In the same way that if there was going to be a tsunami there would be a lot of deaths, so too would a tsunami occur if we let our current safety nets fall apart. This would lead to a lot of deaths in the game, but the people who are being harmed would be the poor people in places where you dont want to travel or dont have the ability to. However most of those people would be poor in places where you could go and do pretty well, so I think you will see that this is a worse deal for them than if you did nothing. What I am saying is that there could come a time when you could lose everything that you have if you did nothing. I would rather you lose everything you have and gain something you could never have imagined than that you do nothing and lose everything. I am speaking with a person with a lot of wisdom and experience, I will trust what she says, although I am not sure if this decision is even that sound. Thats because what she said made me think of a similar situation that happened to me in the past, however the choice I had at that time was very different.

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