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T see how you could rely on anyone else. Ll find your own way to go home. Re going to find a way to deal with this one on your own. The pain is unbearable, and you may be lonely, but you will survive this. The only thing that is certain is that you will survive, and you will keep fighting. The two others have their heads down as well. T even come out of your mouth before a shot goes through your back. With your last sight of life ending bullets flying through the air, you begin to struggle for a way out and find it. T notice the blood stains all over the place, which they do. After a few minutes of walking, you make your way deeper into the forest where you finally get to a huge cave complex made of many different cave types which look abandoned for a long time. You take out your phone and make a call to the closest emergency services from the cave. Re not going to help you, but they will send someone to another part of the area that is better, and they will come back. Re ever going to come back anyway.

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