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DRIVERS are blown away after discovering they can buy a new electric Jeep SUV for just £3,000, but there's a huge catch.

Jeep 4x4s are made to tackle any kind of off-road terrain, but drivers generally need to have very deep pockets to buy one.

The cheapest Jeep SUV is the Avenger, which starts at around £35k, while the go-anywhere Wrangler model kicks off at more than £60k.

So how can this Jeep be advertised for only £3,000 online? The answer is that there are a few catches.

The most obvious one is that it wasn't actually manufactured by the U.S. firm Jeep.

It was actually made by a Chinese company called Shandong Sunyu Industrial – and it's on sale now on


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This Chinese copy imitates the Jeep's characteristics, but in the end just looks like a jumble of parts, while it's powered by a much smaller motor and battery – giving a top speed of 37mph.

According to the advert, the car's maximum range is 74 miles, while it has enough space for five people.

Customers can order the fake Jeep in either white, blue, orange or red paintwork.

And, of course, when the Chinese Jeep is delivered to your house, you won't be able to register it and drive it on public roads.

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To make things worse, you have to spend around £1,400 to ship the car from China to the UK.

This comes after drivers were left in shock after discovering they could buy a brand-new Mercedes G-Wagen for just £5,000.

Plus, drivers were left stunned after realising they could buy a brand-new electric "Mini" for just £3,500 – but there's a catch.

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