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You dont careI dont give a shit You tell yourself, you arent even interested in this band. The whole thing, the whole situation just makes you feel like shit. You get the feeling that you really arent supposed to be here. After all this is over with you move on to your next assignment. Just like you were supposed to do. You leave the radio station and head back to your trailer. You havent really slept since getting here. The adrenaline of getting the news is still lingering in your system and as usual you have no desire to sleep tonight. You pop a few Pop Rocks and settle down for the night, but you arent tired yet. You figure you can at least wait till morning to get some sleep. Alright, Ill give you guys one last shot. You walk over and give the one and only Mr. I know there have been rumors of an escape from the cage. If I had any say in it, you guys would have been done by now. McMahon, there have been some new rumors that there is a leak going on in the cages. I have some guards coming in to do a check on it later. McMahon is being held against his will, so it would be for the good of the company. Smith, a man in a business suit says to you. Well, I cant say I blame them, but if it is truly true I have to say I hope its the only time he is held against his will. You know damn well it was only out of spite to begin with. You just wanted out of the cage and you were successful at that. McMahon would be held in there, unless he was completely incompetent. You either sign here, or whatever happens, you can stay in here. McMahon just nods, which causes you to sigh. You wait patiently for the other three to finish as well.

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