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What makes you nervous is that you know its just a show and its just a pilot, what matters is you get to work with Corey Feldman in your life for as long as possible, that seems like a deal. 21:08:22 Well I guess well see 21:09:32 Anyway, thanks well keep in touch. 21:10:28 you wish him luck 21:22:20 SHIT. 21:24:12 what the fuck is this I know I saw the episode but Im just saying shit is about to go down and I dont want to get shot in the back. 21:25:30 I wish you luck dude, I mean how are you going to lose all those people. I wish we knew each other better. 21:31:04 Also, whats a good movie to watch on Netflix. 21:31:21 Its called Good Will Hunting 21:31:59 Yeah, good movie to watch, I saw one on Netflix called The Shawshank Redemption. 21:32:20 Id like us to be friends, I want to spend my life with you. You spend the rest of the night writing down your feelings. You cant stay mad You decide to never be mad at anyone ever again. Looks like your dads old workshop. You go in, you see an old leather chair with a keyboard sitting there, a couple of cords hanging from it. You quickly sit down and pick up the old keyboard and type on it.

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