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We can get you on or before your broadcast date with an existing TV Order. The above listed offers do not apply to all Shaw Internet products and services. Please contact your local Shaw representative for more information. Your Local Shaw Representative can be reached at 1-800-662-8630. Your Shaw Representative can be found in the My Account section of your My Shaw Account portal. The above listed Internet features will NOT replace your current cable service or Internet service. Additional equipment, fees and taxes may apply. The first few chapters of The Dark Eye by Richard Kadrey are a little slow going, but then thats probably to be expected for a debut novel. It picks up after the events in the first book, The Crimson Campaign. The Dagger has morphed into a political party rather than the shadowy organization it was before you joined up. As the story progresses, the reader really gets to know a lot about the Dagger as a political party. This story takes place mainly in the Dagger Lands and the town of Talisi. The Dagger Lands are a small patch of land in the heart of the Empire that is ruled by a small, but powerful group of elven families. These families are ruling the land from their home in the Dagger Lands even though they also have a large palace in the heart of the Empire at Nalin. The Dagger Lands are very tribal, primitive and isolated from the rest of Empire society. All of this makes them a very violent and untrusting area, which makes the elven families very powerful. Taliai is the center of politics of the Dagger Lands, and the entire Dagger Lands The citizens of Talisi are fiercely patriotic and fiercely opposed to their neighbors. This doesnt seem to be necessarily because they are elven, but rather because they have a bitter grudge against all of the orcs, the Nalinians and the humans that came and stole their lands, While it is true that the Dagger Lands are xenophobic, they are mostly in tune with Empire ideology and the desire for unity. They have no desire to go against the Empire on any political issues. The main issue in the Dagger lands is the lack of a proper ruler. There are two minor rulers, and several minor barons. Most of these barons have little influence unless there is a war or a large event.

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