Xbox Series X Black Friday 2021: The best deals live now

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BLACK Friday is just next week, and a lot of people will have Xbox Series X deals on their shopping list.

With stock issues plaguing the gaming world, we can't promise that you can get your hands on Microsoft's latest console – but we can promise you'll find the best offers listed on this page.

* We may earn revenue if you click the links below and buy the products but we never let this affect our recommendations. Remember to shop around on Black Friday to make sure you're getting the best price.

  • Xbox Series X, £449, Amazon – check stock here

A global shortage of semiconductor chips as meant that the Xbox Series X, just like the PS5, have been incredibly short supply over the past year.

Indeed, this mass scarcity has afflicted the entire world leaving millions of gamers frustrated and disappointed.

Luckily, the digital-only version of this console hasn't had the same stock issues, and you'll have more lucky when it comes to hunting for Xbox Series S Black Friday deals.

If you're keen to get your hands on an Xbox Series X, bookmark this page, as we'll be keeping it up-to-date with all the latest deals and discounts that we find.

Also, we'll be listing deals on Xbox Series X games, controllers and other accessories – so if you're one of the lucky ones who does own the console, make sure you keep returning to this page.

For an in-depth guide to the biggest sale event of the year, there's also our Black Friday explainer.

And for the Series X's biggest rival, head to our PS5 Black Friday deals page.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X


Here's a run-down of all the UK stores that stock the Xbox Series X – or at least sporadically have it in stock.

  • Amazon – out of stock
  • Argos – out of stock
  • Currys – out of stock
  • GAME – out of stock
  • John Lewis – out of stock
  • Microsoft – out of stock
  • 4Gadgets – out of stock
  • Smyths Toys – out stock
  • Very – out of stock


Shoppers in the US should head to the following stores if they're seeking out the Xbox Series X

  • GameStop – out of stock
  • Best Buy – out of stock
  • Amazon – out of stock
  • Microsoft – out of stock
  • Walmart – out stock
  • Target – out of stock

How much will the Xbox Series X cost on Black Friday 2021?

Given the current situation of limited supply and major demand, we don't think there'll be any price drop on the Xbox Series X console when Black Friday comes around.

Retailers have absolutely no incentive to make this highly sought after piece of hardware any cheaper than the RRP of £449.99.

Indeed, we're seeing stores like Amazon inflate the price of devices like the new Nintendo Switch OLED, which is in limited stock right now.

So if anything, you can expect to pay more than the RRP if and when there are Xbox Series X stock drops when the late-November sale arrives.

When will the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals start?

One thing to keep in mind about Black Friday is that it goes on for far long than a single day.

In reality, all the major sales start to get launched a week or even two weeks ahead of the day itself.

In fact, some retailers go so far as to roll out early-bird sales as far in advance as the beginning of November.

If you're on the hunt for price drops across Xbox Series X games and accessories, you should bookmark this page and return to it around the mid-November point.

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When will Xbox Series X Black Friday deals end?

The Black Friday sales period typically comes to an end on Cyber Monday – but there's no fixed schedule when it comes to this hectic sale period.

As November draws to a close, there's obviously still a substantial amount of time before Christmas, so it's not impossible that retailers will send out a final wave of pre-festive price drops on less popular games and accessories.

We suggest you focus your energies on hunting for Xbox Series X deals during the two weeks preceding Black Friday.

However, since console stock is so sporadic and unpredictable at the moment, there may still be drops from retailers well into December – just don't go promising anyone you know that they'll find it under the Christmas tree this year.

What should I look out for when buying an Xbox Series X on Black Friday 2021?

If you're in the scramble to pick up one of these hugely popular consoles, head to our Xbox Series X stock page to stay up-to-date with availability.

It's here where you'll find the latest news and rumours of stock drops from the likes of Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, GAME and Very.

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year Black Friday will take place on November 26th.

As ever, that's the day directly after American Thanksgiving – Black Friday is a US tradition that's only become a fixture over the past decade or so in the UK.

Now that it's arrived though, it's very much here to stay, despite all the rumours of some stores not taking part in the 2021 sales due to supply issues.

Will the Xbox Series X be on sale this Black Friday?

Honestly? We doubt it.

Given the short supply – and the resulting demand – it's highly unlikely any retailers will lower the Xbox Series X price when Black Friday comes around.

The Series X has an RRP of £449 in the UK, in comparison to the Series S which costs £249.99.

Although the Series S doesn't have the same Blu-Ray drive and 4K capabilities as the X, it's worth bearing in mind that this console hasn't been plagued by the same stock issues, so may well appear in the Black Friday sales.

What Xbox Series X deals were there last Black Friday?

There were no outright Black Friday deals on the Xbox Series X last year.

That was for a couple of reasons: firstly, the latest generation of Xbox console had only just been launched on the market a couple of weeks earlier.

Secondly, after that launch, it sold out almost immediately, leaving retailers with major stock issues during the Black Friday sales.

Where to expect the best Xbox Series X deals

You'll find the hottest XBox Series X deals across a number of gaming retailers and online electronics stores.

Here's a run-down of stores that intermittently stock the console:

  • Argos – check availability
  • – check availability
  • Currys – check availability
  • GAME – check availability
  • John Lewis – check availability
  • Microsoft – check availability
  • Smyths Toys – check availability
  • Very – check availability

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When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Immediately after the weekend that follows Black Friday is Cyber Monday.

It gets its fusty-sounding name from its root as day of online-only deals – traditionally, Black Friday is the day you'd dash around around the store aisles, whilst Cyber Monday is the opportunity to browse on the internet instead.

These days, however, nearly all deals are available both in-store or online, and there's very little to distinguish the two days.

Cyber Monday is a chance for retailers to both send out their final waves of deals, and to further lower prices of products already on sale.

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