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Re just looking for an excuse to berate someone. T like to begin with, because you thought she was stupid, had you been less rude to her instead of just being a jerk. Ll make sure that I come out of this alive. The sooner you get off your fucking asses and stop harassing this guy on your phone the better. I am in an office, not your basement, do you feel like you have any right to speak to me like that. I am a person of authority here and I do have a right to be heard. This time, instead of your phone going to voicemail, you get a call from a different number. S calling from her voicemail, she just starts speaking right away. Alison: I heard about your message, I heard about your attitude. T expect is Alison to call back immediately. You hang up with your phone and you start to wonder if you should leave a message or not, but if she does answer then the person who did the voicemail will probably be long gone and Alison is obviously in a hurry. M just going to come right out and say this.

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