‘Works wonders’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to make white T-shirts look brand new for £4

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Mrs Hinch shows of her Home Bargains shopping haul

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Mrs Hinch gained worldwide stardom when she started posting nifty cleaning tips and tricks on social media. She has inspired an army of cleaning enthusiasts who share their helpful hacks for doing household chores.

Dee McIlroy took to the Facebook group: “Just dragged out all my white T-shirts, vests, tops, etc. from the drawers in prep for summer.

“I need to wash and refresh them – any recommendations for getting them all whiter than white again?”

Mrs Hinch fans flocked to the comments section with suggestions.

Peggy Cairnes said: “I use bicarbonate and white vinegar in the wash -brilliant.”

When it comes to refreshing white T-shirts, Cathy Young added: “A dishwasher tablet works great.”

Tina Gavioli seconded this: “Put a dishwasher tablet in the drum.”

Carly Sinclair stated: “I’ve been putting a bit of washing up liquid in my whites and they are coming out the whitest they’ve ever been. Been putting it directly in the drum.”

She continued that she only uses “a quarter or half a cap full”.

Carly advised: “Don’t use too much otherwise you will have bubble overload.”

Caroline Martin shared her definitive solution: “Definitely Napisan.

“Soak overnight then put clothes in your washing machine with your own choice of detergent.”

Sue Mathers agreed: “I always use a couple of tablespoons of Napisan – works wonders!”

Mary Borlan also agrees that stain remover is the answer: “Put Napisan in with your washing powder – it’s brilliant, I use it on all my whites.”

Annmarie O’Meara added to this: “Soak in Napisan overnight, then wash as normal, before hanging in the sun to dry,” assuring fellow cleaning enthusiasts that one scoop is enough.

An 800g box of Napisan can be purchased for just £4 from Tesco.

Vivienne Fagan provided an alternative tip: “Waitrose Essential Whitening Sheets are brilliant.”

Jackie Morgan advised a “cheap packet of soda crystals in with your wash”.

Joyce Marti stated: “Vanish Oxi Action works for me.”

Multiple Mrs Hinch fans recommended ACE for Whites.

Lorraine Doherty uses fabric whitener Glowhite.

Finally, Jacqui Spelman gave her top hack for refreshing white T-shirts: “I just use Daz Washing Powder and it works great.”

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