‘Works wonders’: Mrs Hinch fan shares best way to remove stains from carpet

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Fans of the cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch now take to Facebook pages to share their own tips and hacks.

On one of the cleaning groups, Facebook user Vic Toria said: “Need help!

“This is my partner’s carpet. He spilt a car cleaning fluid on it and it’s stained.

So far I have tried…

1) Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

2) Elbow grease.

3) Dabitoff wipes.

4) Washing up liquid and water.

5) Oxy powder stain remover.”

Vic Toria shared “before and after photos to see my progress”.

“This is the best I can get it to. Any other suggestions?

“Covering with a rug won’t help this one, it’s rented flat and so it must be clean!” she said.

Cleaning enthusiast Natalie Halldron said: “Try Body Shop camomile cleansing butter.”

Marie N Clive Egglestone recommended “shaving foam” to remove the stains.

Kim Pearce said “Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner with brush head” was the best solution.

Sarah Doughty agreed: “Try Dr Beckmann’s carpet solution it’s in a white bottle with a blue sponge/brush on top, works wonders.”

“Try micellar water, nail polish remover or shaving foam,” said Dani-shaun Weatherby-relph.

Jodie Louise Ward advised others to use “white vinegar”.

“Sound weird but milk works,” explained Sally Ansell.

Caitlin Breslin recommended using “Pink Stuff”.

Another cleaning enthusiast, Hayley Holland, said “car brake cleaning fluid” can also eliminate stains from the carpet.

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