‘Works fantastic’: Mrs Hinch fans share £1 hack for removing stains from mattresses

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Mrs Hinch: Cleaning hack removes grime from window

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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became popular with cleaning enthusiasts after sharing her advice on social media and TV. Mrs Hinch now has over 4.3 million Instagram followers and has authored several books. Now, fans of hers have created their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and tidying tips.

On one such group with 1.2 million members, Facebook user Rachael Morris posted: “Can I get some advice please?

“I have a waterproof sheet on at all times. But can anyone advise me on how to clean these marks off my mattress please?”

Rachael’s post was inundated with over 300 comments from Mrs Hinch fans.

One of the most suggested methods was to use bicarbonate of soda.

Rosie Hannah Mc Ginley said: “White vinegar, lemon juice and a tiny drop of Fairy liquid.

“Mix together in a spray bottle then sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the affected area.

“Then, spray the solution on top of the bicarbonate of soda and let it soak.

“Then rub until stain goes then place dry towel on top to dry as much as possible.

“Vacuum up the bicarbonate of soda, let it dry.

“I do this every six weeks on my mattress, smells like lemons and stays so white.

“Great for ppl with small kids who wee bed etc.”

Devin James said: “One cup of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda, and a few drops of dish soap.

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“You could also add a few drops of whatever kind of essential oil for smell.

“I scrub it, let it dry, and just vacuum it up.”

Kelly Broad replied: “Mix some bicarbonate of soda into a paste with water and rub in and rinse off. Comes up brand new.”

Ros Balouras wrote: “Sieve bicarbonate of soda on it and leave for a couple of days.

“Put a towel and sheet over it if you need to sleep on it.

“Hoover off and repeat if necessary. No water marks.”

Kimberley Rowlands replied: “Bicarbonate of soda over the mattress, little bit of water make into a paste, use toothbrush on stains leave to dry and hoover it up.”

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Catherine Mcphee said: “Hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate of soda, you can buy a set from Amazon.”

Sharon Cox wrote: “Hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate of soda works fantastic.”

Wilko Original Bicarbonate of Soda can be purchased for £1.75.

Dri Pak Bicarbonate of Soda can be bought from B&Q for £1.74.

The Range also sells bicarbonate of soda for £1.

Sainsbury’s Bicarbonate Of Soda is available for £1.25.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using bleach, Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover, lemon juice and Flash.

Becky Clinton said: “Flash with bicarbonate of soda spray works brilliantly.”

Kelly Young replied: “Flash bicarbonate of soda spray. It’s incredible.”

Hayley May Williams Smith wrote: “Squeeze of fresh lemon juice and Vanish power in a small dish and rub onto your mattress with a cloth.”

Sindie O’Reilly said: “Elbow Grease and a sponge. Works wonders. Ours came up good as new.”

Mary Esther Flynn commented: “Raw bleach.”

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