‘Works a treat’: Mrs Hinch fan shares how to ‘destroy’ plughole limescale – ‘all gone’

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Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, often shares cleaning tips and tricks on social media. Her fans have also started to share their own finds on dedicated cleaning pages, including how to remove limescale from around plugholes.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for some advice when it came to removing limescale.

Chloe Ruth wrote: “Any ideas to remove the mark around the plug?”

The cleaning fan then shared a snap of her bathroom plughole which showed stubborn limescale around it.

Limescale is caused by a build-up of calcium and magnesium, often seen around taps as well as in kettles.

It is more common in hard water areas and can be extremely hard to remove.

The post attracted several group members, all sharing their top tips.

Julie Jones commented: “Spray with Viakal and leave it for a couple of hours because it looks quite thick.”

Siobhan Treat added: “I second Viakal.”

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Viakal claims to remove the toughest of limescale, soap scum as well as water marks.

It can be used on taps and showers and is available in different scents.

What’s more, the cleaning product can be purchased for as little as 89p from stores such as B&M and Home Bargains.

Other fans suggested using white vinegar, a great household product to remove stains and limescale.

Eloise Smith wrote: “Soak the area in white vinegar.”

Natalie Paris added: “Soak some cotton wool pads or balls in white vinegar and leave to soak for a few hours.”

Stacey Little commented: “The vinegar will destroy the limescale, works a treat and mine has all gone.”

White vinegar is made from acetic acid which helps to break down crease as well as grime and limescale.

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What’s more, it also has antibacterial properties and can be mixed with lemon for a fresh smelling cleaning solution.

To make a spray, water can be added to make a diluted cleaning product to use around the home.

It also doesn’t contain a colouring agent, meaning it won’t stain any surfaces, making it a great multipurpose cleaner.

A money trick was also shared by several group members, explaining that rubbing a 2p coin on the area can help to dissolve the limescale.

Pamela Seale said: “Gently rub a 2p coin and the limescale will lift.”

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