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Work quality metrics are used to determine if the job quality of an employee is good or bad. How can we determine if its because of job quality, or just a bad day. A performance indicator or key performance indicator is a performance measurement that is designed to gauge whether results are due to the performance of an employee or a number of other factors. Examples include, but are not limited to: sales, profits, the number of new customers, and productivity. The best-known metric that can be used to determine if the quality of the work is good or bad is the subjective appraisal of the direct manager by the people who are responsible for the work. A key performance indicator is a metric thats supposed to be considered even though its not necessarily the best indicator of a works quality. If we get more customers more quickly than the competition, thats good. If we go completely dormant for months, thats bad. If we get a lot of customers and not enough people to work, thats poor. Key performance indicators are supposed to be viewed with a mixture of skepticism and caution. Key Performance Indicators are useful, but there are pitfalls to using them. One is that theyre used to determine job quality, not work quality. A bad work is bad regardless of how good key performance indicators are. If we use this measurement method for all our work, well have a hard time managing our manpower well. The number of new customers, or our production, or our profits may be just as important as how we feel about each other, or how effective we are. The other issue about measuring by key performance indicators like these is that theyre a measure of how our employees are performing, which is inherently subjective. If we need to make a decision that requires objective measurements, we will have to make a hard decision as to who to fire or how were going to run our company. If we were to rely on them for all of this, it would create a lot of problems and problems are never good. Another problem with using a key performance indicator is that its effectiveness increases with the number of key performance indicators. This means that the more key performance indicators that we have, the more difficult it is for us to make a good decision without relying on a key performance indicator for the other three. To avoid the pitfalls of such a measure, well use other means of judging the quality of our employees work. Ill start with the subjective appraisals of the direct manager by the people who are responsible for the work. Ill also go over the evaluation from the manager and the other employees, and the evaluation from the customers. In the end, Ill give my verdict on how good is our work.

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