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You will find that this game is very simple, as well as a bit hardcore. This game can be played with the help of a wordlist, and with answers. More LessForget the usual suspects: the usual suspects have decided to run in droves to the Republican Partys banner of hating President Obama and promising to make things easier for the rich and big corporations. For years, the Tea Party has tried to create a small army of like-minded ideologues in the Republican Party. They have been doing their part as usual, but now there is a new group of GOP supporters in town that is causing a more significant stir: people who actually work for or manage businesses that are not doing so well right now. In interviews with ThinkProgress, a number of these business owners have expressed concern about the direction of the country under President Obama. Many of them are sounding a lot more like what the Tea Party was claiming they were than what the GOP was offering. In some cases, the Tea Party is just the old GOP in a new packaging People are a lot more conservative now than they were even a year ago, one self-employed plumber and small business owner told ThinkProgress. Its not just me; its a lot of my friends. Here are two of the businesses that expressed concern about the future of the country under Barack Obama:The country is in terrible shape, a local doctor said in an interview with ThinkProgress. Heres what a local baker told ThinkProgress about what he was hearing about the country from people close to him:The economy is going down the tubes, the baker said. Everybody thats down here has been down, and its.

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