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FIFA 23 recently added the NWSL into the game, but the real-life players are disappointed by their in-game counterparts.

Many models are just generic female players, and look nothing like the real person.

The use of random models also means that some players don’t have the same hair, and others aren’t even the same race.

The same bug that left Darwin Núñez bald seems to be affecting the women players as well.

Several women players have taken to social media to hit back against the problem.

Many made jokes about their terrible models. Madison Hammond wrote: “Somebody please let me know when they find me, Madison Hammond #99 from Angel City! 

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“Because this … is simply not it!”

Caprice Dydasco wrote: “I’m grateful EA Sports is finally including the NWSL, but this does not represent me.”

Others were more angry about the misstep, and wanted more respect for women’s football.

Gold medalist Sydney Leroux took to Twitter to write: “I know you expect women to just be thankful and grateful that you’ve given us a little sliver of publicity, but please stop wasting our time. 

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“Some of us are bald.”

Leroux also pointed out how much better her model was in FIFA 16 despite having a full body scan for the latest game.

Sarah Gorden hit back at FIFA for the ratings they gave some of the players, pointing out that they don’t understand the sport.

She wrote: “When EA Sports didn’t put me in the top 10 for speed I was mad, but I was like we will show them. 

“But when they gave me a 48 rating in speed I realised they have never and will never actually watch a NWSL game.”

There are rumours that women will get their own version of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in the upcoming EA Sports FC.

Let’s hope they get better representation in the game by then.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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