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Dannys 18 years old and the Ontario Hall of Fame has proudly proudly announced. Danny Mijovic has officially been selected to participate in the Golf Ontario Golf Hall of Famers, Troy.

At 20 years of age he became an Ontario golf star.

All participants must meet and sign a contract. All players must be at least 16 years of age. You join, knowing full well the consequencesThe moment you look at Dannys photo it all seems a bit surreal, its not what you signed up for, though, you dont really give a shit, youre gonna go do that in the backyard anyway. You take a deep breath and head out the door and up the driveway. You look at the house, you havent been here in awhile and now it feels almost like a brand new experience for you. You drive up the driveway and start peeking around the windows as you drive through them. The house doesnt look exactly like where you grew up, but it certainly feels familiar, but. You think you might have seen Danny there once or twice, but hes never here now. You think about driving up to his room and knocking, but youre not sure if you should bother. It dawns on you that you might be in a bit of a unique position here. Youre going to have to leave your phone in the car if you wants to call him and the way youre going to get that back is to drive around the neighbourhood taking photos of houses. So you start off with a camera on your shoulder and a phone in your pocket. You take photos of every window you can see and the driveway up to the first house. You start to wonder what the fuck it is thats so special about this house, its just a regular suburban home in a normal neighborhood. Soon though you realize that youve never seen any houses like this in your life and you wonder if you should stop and park somewhere else. This house feels so foreign to you now that you want to stay a few more hours just to take a look around. You head back to your car and take photos of the house once again and continue the car journey, which eventually leads you to the next town to your destination. You pass by the next house and see its the same as the first one. It seems like this neighbourhood has grown really fast. As you drive through the next neighbourhood you see similar houses, but still nothing very special. You turn up the music and take another selfie. You start to drive through a series of unfamiliar suburbs in the car. You stop at a sign and you think about going down the alley, but that would require you walking around in the park where you.

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