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By the way this new world is just getting started for us, I have a feeling we will be here for a while yet. You continue with your conversationYou continue your conversation with Rifo. You can start by providing more resources for the ship. It will help increase the firepower for whatever it is you are doing. Well we need to talk more in my office or I am certain Lord Rovik will catch wind of all this and send his people to kidnap you. You and Rifo soon finish up your conversation and get ready to leave. How long do you think it will be before he sends his people to kidnap you. I dunno, maybe a day or so, but I have to think of a way to keep me away from there. Now you are a little worried you may have a spy on your ship. You worry LessYou relax a little as Rifo has already given you a lot of help. You are not really worried about being kidnapped as you think with Jicols help you would be able to get to Jicol and do what you have to do there. Just you have to worry less about Rifo finding out about you and more about you worrying less about him finding out about you. It is going to be a bit of a grind going from one island to another, but so far the islands seem to have a lot of them. The problem is the Jicol people are more than just humans. They are pretty violent so you would not just want to just stick with them even though they are more cooperative than the Jicolians. As you start to think about this, you look to your right to see Rifo walking with a black cloaked figure. This is your ship and I will help you wherever you are going.

This article about Services financiers