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You say as you feel an intense feeling of relief. You spend the rest of your time in your tent talking with William and you both tell each other about your life up till recently. William is a little more upbeat than you. Yeah, but you seem a little distracted today. You both look down as you notice that you have forgotten about your pack and the book you were looking through. For some reason you are both thinking the same thing. You both look at each other and then kiss each other on the lips and give each other a quick peck on the cheek before parting ways. You decide to take a nap and William does the same. After a few minutes of napping, you both hear a noise near the tent entrance tent flap. You say as you stand up and go over to it. Ve got it caught in their mosquito net. As you approach it a couple of them run off while others call out for help. William and you both rush over to the tent where William is pointing his rifle the direction they came from. What the hell did they do, leave the capital or something.

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