Why is my boiler making a loud noise? The ‘vibrating’ sound to watch out for

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Have you ever noticed noises coming from your boiler? In some cases, this is perfectly normal, for example, when the pilot light is ignited or when water is circulating. But there are also times when the sounds from your boiler might need some expert attention.

According to research by Heatingforce.co.uk, worries about “loud noises” coming from the boiler is one of the most searched for queries online.

One sound, in particular, might be a warning side that something concerning is at bay.

According to heating expert Alex Ion, a “loud, vibrating” sound might be an indication that key components in the heart of your central heating system are on the brink.

He explained: “The most likely reason for this is that one of the motorised components has seized, such as the pump.”

The pump within your boiler is a small mechanical tool which works to speed up the process of circulating hot water from your boiler to your radiators and then back to the boiler.

They are an essential part of any central heating system, so it’s important that it is fit for use.

If your pump is on the verge of breaking, it may be time to call in a Gas Safe engineer.

Mr Ion said: “To make sure, check whether the pump is hot.

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“If it’s uncomfortably hot to touch while the boiler makes a loud vibrating noise then you can safely assume that it is the pump.

“Often a boiler will cease when the pump is clogged with limescale or heating sludge.

“Or in some cases, it may be a case of wear and tear as the boiler ages.”

Of course, a humming or vibrating sound may not just be down to the pump.

Humming boiler noises can be emitted if water arrives from the mains at too high a pressure.

This can lead valves inside the boiler or pipes around the property to hum.

A pump which is sending heated water around the pipes of your home too quickly can also make an unusual sound

The best way to find out the root cause of the problem is by contacting a heating engineer to inspect the boiler.

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Mr Ion said: “It is likely that they will have to do a thorough clean and also potentially flush out the entire central heating system.

“Alternatively if the issue is down to the age of the boiler, you may have to replace it with a new one.”

In a worst-case scenario, this can be a costly investment, with boilers ranging from £600 all the way to £15,000, depending on the specific type, size and quality you opt for.

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