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Driving on a sunny day could land you with a massive fine and points on your licence, research has revealed.

More than a third of UK drivers (37%) have admitted to bright sunshine impacting their vision on the road and putting the safety of themselves and others at risk.

The survey of 1,000 motorists discovered that the summer sunshine can actually bring some downsides for drivers out on the road.

Motorists were asked “What factors, if any, have affected your driving during the spring or summertime?”

And the resounding response was the blazing glare of the sun has the biggest impact on being able to drive safely.

Interestingly, the research uncovered that it is the over 55’s that are struggling most – with 42% of those aged 55 and over admitting to being affected.


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Bright sunlight can cause a strong glare across a car’s windshield which can distort a driver's view of the road – your windows must be clean in the summer months to avoid extra glare.

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Andy Alderson, CEO, and Founder of Vanarama who conducted the survey, said: “To prevent being dazzled by the sun when driving, motorists should wear polarised sunglasses and keep a safe distance from other drivers when the sun is distorting their view.

“Creating space between you and the car in front will give you more time to assess the road situation. If drivers feel like they do not have full control of the situation, they should pull over when safe to do so.

“You must also keep your windscreen clean in the summer months. A dirty windscreen can magnify the sun's glare making it harder to see the road. Before heading out on car journeys in the sun, you should clean both the interior and exterior of the car windscreen, checking that they are free of any dirt and debris.”

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