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Bill, which has become an object of ridicule, not just for the Canadian populace, but for the rest of the world too. People who would never touch gold with a ten-foot pole are now fond of giving it away for that one cent change. 5 bill should be removed from circulation entirely. 5 is still cheaper than anything you can get on the black market, and the only reason why youre bothering to make a living from your art is because youre trying to find a way out of this goddamn life. The only reason why youre not living a life of luxury like everyone else is because youre still trying to find that one extra buck you need to make to keep your mom from getting the electric bill because the water heater wont turn on. 100 a month, you cant afford it You wonder if youll ever get a chance to finally do what you want to do. Or maybe youre going to spend your life in the garage doing your art. On a rare occasion when you feel like you wont get your act together and do something productive for a change, you call your agent and pay him directly. Usually about something he can put you in a position to sign to to impress, Hey Jeff, you say, Ive been thinking about my future career and Im at a point where Im not sure what to do. You go See JerryIt seems like youre always doing something stupid in your art. You have no real skills; you dont understand the world and its ways at all. All things youre good at since you do martial arts and fighting. In fact you never thought youd be in a position to be in any kind of legal trouble either, but maybe thats why you want to do something so bad. But since it seems like the only thing that gets you out of your bad moods is doing art, you call Jerry to see if he can convince you to go see the comic convention.

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