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Sigh This will be one of the last tests I make, let alone make in person, since there is probably going to be a new administration soon and a change in administration means a change in policy. Im not going to have my job and it needs to be a test that you can pass now before its no longer safe. Now then, Im going to do a little of everything. So this will be a simple mental test and its not really that hard. I want you to close your eyes and imagine this. And now Im going to put my hand in your chest and draw the first heart on this page. Now I want you to focus on that and not the wall or anything else for the next five minutes. If I feel you breathing then you passed the test. If I feel your heart beating then you failed the test. If I dont feel either one of those things then you passed and can live your life in our town without fear. Then you need to close your eyes and try again. Sips from the bottle Oh and keep drinking even when you dont feel the urge. Now lets test something a little more difficult. The next test has been set aside for you. Are you able to make the connection between two separate objects. One object, you draw one heart on the whiteboard and one object, you draw two hearts. The next test we have set aside for you, is that you can draw a complex image on the whiteboard. A tree, a house, a heart, a castle, a rose, a sun, a bird, anything you can think of. Now the difficulty of this test is that you have to work together and keep track of all the objects in the correct order. Good job on the last test Test completed. Are you sure you want to try the test now. Remember, the last test was set aside for you. You pass the testYou open up your eyes and find yourself in a large office. At the front of the room is a desk with a huge tome that sits next to it on it. You look around the room and find yourself in a big dining table that sits in a circle around the room, with chairs around the circle surrounding the table. You also notice a large fireplace in the room, with an old leather couch in the center of it.

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