White vinegar cleaning hack: Remove stains in your toilet bowl in 7 simple steps

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Nobody wants a grubby, brown-looking, toilet bowl. These unsightly stains need special attention: you can’t get rid of them with regular toilet cleaner and a loo brush. However, you don’t need a chemical cleaner, you can create a homemade remedy to return your throne to her sparkling clean and spotless glory.

Nobody wants embarrassing brown stains in their toilet bowl. So if you find yourself cringing at the state of your bathroom when you’ve got company coming round, you need this simple hack to remove brown stains from your toilet bowl.

This method involves no harsh chemicals, and you probably already have everything you need to make your toilet bowl look as good as new.

Why does your toilet bowl turn brown?

If you live in an area with hard water it can cause your toilet bowl to become discoloured and brown over time.

This is caused by a high concentration of limescale in your water, and unfortunately it means no amount of scrubbing alone will lift those stains.

Limescale is usually white but mineral deposits in the toilet such as iron, calcium and magnesium will turn the limescale brown or green.

You should clean any discolouration in your toilet bowl as soon as it appears.

Limescale absorbs dirt and builds up, layer by layer, over time, so if it’s left for a long time, they can become almost impossible to clean.

How to remove brown stains from your toilet bowl with white vinegar

Warning: this hack does take at least an hour, so make sure you pee before you begin!

You’ll need:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet brush

1 – Pour around 250 millilitres of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and swoosh it with a toilet brush, giving the loo a quick scrub – but don’t spend too long doing this, scrubbing at this stage won’t remove stains.

Do not flush the toilet yet!

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2 – Add an equal amount of baking soda – about 250 grams – to the toilet bowl; it will fizz up with the vinegar.

3 – Add 500 millilitres more vinegar to the toilet bowl, and leave the solution to sit in the toilet bowl for at least twenty minutes.

4 – When you return, use your toilet brush to work the vinegar and baking soda solution into all the stains, including any above the water level.

5 – Leave the solution to sit for another 30 minutes.

6 – Give the bowl another good scrub with your solution, you should notice the brown stains beginning to lift now. Flush the toilet to rinse.

7 – If the brown stains on the bowl are still there, repeat the steps.

If the stains have been left for a long time, they will be very stubborn and difficult to remove.

Other hacks cleaners have suggested include pushing the water from your toilet bowl, filling it with white vinegar and leaving it overnight.

Some have also suggested using denture cleaning tablets: chucking a few into the toilet bowl, leaving them overnight and cleaning the loo in the morning.

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