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When you counter-argue, you have to be able to provide a proper argument, 2:11:03 AM, spectacledfox: the point is, i didnt come here to argue with an idiot. 2:11:12 AM, spectacledfox: my point, is, you havent actually presented any rational argument, and instead, youve been coming up with reasons, 2:11:22 AM, naliaovee: The point youre making spectacledfox is that you seem to think the world operates according to some kind of perfect logic system. 2:11:37 AM, naliaovee: You dont make rational arguments, your only rational arguments is the ones youre willing to ignore, and ignore to support your own views, 2:11:40 AM, spectacledfox: You may not be able to see it, but the nature of this discussion, is that youve actually proven a point Ive been making in this channel, 2:11:43 AM, spectacledfox: Im sorry for the bluntness, but Im going to keep making the point, 2:11:47 AM, naliaovee: Really, the point was explained a lot clearer than youve been able to get through it. 2:11:56 AM, spectacledfox: Im not sure what you mean by this, 2:12:00 AM, naliaovee: Youve come here to argue with me not disagreeing, you said you were coming here to discuss ideas. 2:12:07 AM, spectacledfox: You do realize that Im arguing with you right. 2:12:10 AM, naliaovee: You came here for disagreement, not an ideological discussion. 2:12:16 AM, spectacledfox: No, its a disagreement, and Im explaining why the disagreement is not with anything youve said thus far, 2:12:23 AM, naliaovee: Your entire argument so far is that Im a troll whos trying to manipulate you, 2:12:26 AM, naliaovee: And thats not the case; 2:12:33 AM, spectacledfox: Your entire conversation with me up to this point is a clear example of manipulation, 2:12:35 AM, naliaovee: Youre attempting to make me look like a liar and a troll, 2:12:56 AM, spectacledfox: No, Im explaining why youre wrong. 2:13:11 AM, spectacledfox: Im not attempting to sway you, Im explaining that Im not convinced and that you.

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