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In the United Nation, it was the worlds first government not founded on the principles of liberty and freedom. Its founders envisioned a totalitarian government where, all over the world, their government would have no borders, no leaders, and no citizens who might oppose their will. The worlds first government was founded to solve the problems of the world. The League of Nations was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom, not the principles of totalitarianism and oppression. It was an international association, but it was a peaceful association, founded in the hope that a government of international peace could solve the worlds problems. The League of Nations didnt achieve any of its goals. It was a government of an international organization created in the hope that it could solve the problems of a world that had not yet been conquered. The world was still in an unsettled state at the end of World War II. World Government and the League of Nations had not been founded because there was no reason for them to exist. The United Nations is the only world entity, although not the only world government. It has become a place of international law and international institutions, but it still had a national government. Were we a group of nations that held a government that did not allow its citizens to disobey the laws of the state. Were we a group of governments that had a government that held their citizens in a place where they could not resist the desires of their superiors. Were we a group of governments that created a government that was not subject to international law. S not for other people to add words there. You open the door to leave and go upstairs, but not before a tear falls from your eye. You say and close the door, and with that, you leave the room. S clothes, some sheets and a pillow lying by a desk in a corner. When you get to your room, you throw away your clothes and sit on the bed. Re not going to be able to show your friends or tell.

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