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DRIVING through tunnels can strike fear in some drivers.

The lack of visibility and narrowing lanes can be tricky, so here is a guide on what to do when you are driving through a tunnel.

What should you do before driving through a tunnel?

When you are approaching a tunnel, it is important that you get into your lane early.

You should also make sure that your lights are on, as even during the day, your visibility can be compromised inside a tunnel.

The DVSA also advises that you keep your radio switched on and tuned to local traffic news.

This is the best way to find out if there are any issues before you enter the tunnel.

Can you get caught speeding through a tunnel?

Speed limits often change when you are approaching a tunnel.

This is because the road space becomes narrower and it is more difficult to see what is ahead.

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There are also often speed cameras positioned at the entrance and exit of tunnels to check that drivers are not abusing the tunnels speed limit.

There are average speed cameras at either end of the Blackwall tunnel in London.

There is also a speed camera at the entrance to the Limehouse Link tunnel, which was the most prolific speed camera in London in 2014-2015.

The camera photographed almost 50 vehicles speeding as they entered the tunnel per day and over 17,000 throughout the year.

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Can you ever get out of your car in a tunnel?

You should refrain from getting out of your car when you are driving through a tunnel.

The only situation in which you are allowed to get out of your car in a tunnel is during an emergency.

If you break down in a tunnel, try and pull up on the side and turn your hazards on.

In this case, you are permitted to leave your car to use the emergency phone.

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