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ONE can find many tips and trends on TikTok on how to lead a happier and healthier life.

But one has to let go of the past and the toxic people in it before doing so, and the new TikTok Ghost trend will get you appreciating your life progress and motivated to achieve more in no time.

What is TikTok's Ghost trend?

Through the TikTok Ghost trend, a user relives the past to see how far they have come after getting rid of toxic people in their life.

The aim is for them feel happy about themselves and what's to come in the future.

People are expressing their emotions on how better they feel now that they have finally let go of those people who tried or had brought them down in the past and how they have recovered from it.

They learn to accept it and realise that their life is better without such people and how saying goodbye is the best thing that one can do sometimes.

There are several reasons why such a trend is called the Ghost trend.

The first is that you are letting go of a toxic person – or persons – who made a part of your past but now is a ghost as they do not exist in your life anymore.


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And for me, I thought that it may be called that because you're acting as a ghost in your past – looking at the memories in which those people were but you have now learnt to let them go.

Having to learn by looking at such photos reminded me of the famous book-turned-film A Christmas Carol and how Ebenezer Scrooge had a look at his past to learn from it.

In A Christmas Carol, a rich businessman called Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts on the night of Christmas Eve.

They make him realise that he needs to change the way he treats others or else he will die with everyone forgetting about him and unloved.

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One of the ghosts that visits him is called The Ghost of Christmas Past.

The Ghost shows him his past to create more context into what he will show him when it comes to the Present and the Future and what he must learn from them.

Similarly, through this trend, you visit your past and learn that by letting go, you can now be happier and look forward to the future.

How to do TikTok's Ghost trend

Here is our guide on how you too can get on the Tiktok trend and feel much happier about how far you've come.

To do so:

  • Choose some pictures of the people who are now the ghosts in your life – life is now better without these people and that is why they do not make part of it anymore, they've become a ghost.
  • Then you can either blur the picture or else put a ghost over them.
  • Post the video on your page.

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