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THE lights on a BT broadband router is your Wi-Fi's way of telling you what it is or isn't doing.

But the orange light will mean different things depending on what type of BT Wi-Fi router you have.

What does BT Hub orange light mean?

If you have a BT Smart Hub/ BT Smart hub 2 and Ultrafast Smart Hub: The stationary orange light means your hub is working but isn't connected to the internet.

If you have a BT Home Hub 3: The orange lights means your Hub has been put into power save mode or that there's a problem with it.

If you have a BT Home Hub 4 or 5: Check the other lights in the silver bar at the bottom of the Hub and see the icons table below.

If its the B symbol that is orange, it means your Hub is connected to broadband but your account might not be switched on yet.


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If it's the signal icon, it means you’ve switched off wireless security for one or both wireless channels.

How do I fix the orange light on my BT router?

The solution for BT Smart Hub/ BT Smart hub 2 and Ultrafast Smart Hub owners is to connect a device to your Hub.

Open a new web browser window and follow the on-screen help wizard to get connected again.

For BT Home Hub 3 owners, simply press the Restart button to exit power save mode.

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If you're not set to power save mode, there's a problem with your internet.

In this case, BT suggests its Troubleshooter for help with connection issues.

If you have a BT Home Hub 4 or 5 with an orange B symbol, you'll have to wait until after midnight on the day BT switches on your broadband.

But if it's the signal icon that's orange, you should turn on your security in the wireless tab in your Hub Manager.

Your Hub Manager can be accessed by opening a web browser, and typing into the address bar.

If you want to make any changes to the hub settings, you'll need the admin password.

You'll find it on the back of the Hub if you haven't updated it.

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