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TIKTOK users have constantly flooded the social media platform with new challenges that people tend to replicate on their social media pages.

The Incantation challenge is one of the new challenges that is supposedly causing a scare online.

What is the Incantation challenge on TikTok?

The Incantation challenge on TikTok started trending when TikTok influencer, @notjustbored1214, made a video about a film named Incantation.

The influencer stated in the video: "I don't give a f**k how hard or desensitized you think, you are. There's no f**king way you guys are watching this entire f**king movie from start to finish without skipping a scene."

He also wrote in the post: "1hr 16min 22sec was the hardest part for me to watch."

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Subsequently, several TikTok users took up the challenge to try and watch the entire film, which is only 1 hour and 51 minutes long, without skipping a scene.

What are people saying about the Incantation challenge on TikTok?

Several internet users have shared their opinions of this TikTok challenge on Twitter.

One Twitter user stated: "Watched incantation last night and i said the chant like 20 times, power went out a couple minutes later….never been so scared in my whole adult life."

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Another Twitter user stated: "Do NOT watch Incantation on Netflix. I repeat. Do NOT watch this shit. This shit be creepy af."

Other users were not as impressed with the movie and expressed their displeasure online.

One person tweeted: "incantation is so overhyped i wasted my time."

Additionally, another person stated: "bro incantation wasnt scary at all wtf are people saying."

What is Incantation?

Incantation is a Taiwanese horror Netflix film directed by Kevin Ko.

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The film is about a woman who has to protect her daughter after she becomes cursed for breaking a religious taboo.

According to Unilad, the Incantation has reportedly racked up over 10 million hours of views on Netflix, and may likely increase as a result of the TikTok trend about this film.

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