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The theory, requires the action of a person by another person from one other person. Ethical responsibility Ethical Theories Notes Ethical. What a shame, I would very much like to be in the room to discuss the game for as long as possible. Very well, Im afraid thats unfortunately not possible this time. I suppose Ill go, but I have a lot of work to do, and I cant just wander around the city in the middle of the day. Just dont wander around the city in the middle of the day, okay. You continue to work, and continue to ignore your other duties. You do manage to get some tasks done, but even when you manage to finish all your necessary work, you find that youre unable to relax. Do you need to leave your house because you think that thats the best time. Maybe you should go early in the day when its less crowded. Or do you need to wait until morning or even afternoon since you dont think you have enough time to deal with everything. What about all those other tasks youre supposed to have. You try to solve the problemYou find that you cant relax until this problem is taken care of. You think about what you need to do, and you cant wait until the right moment to do it. You need to take a bathroom break now. You take a bathroom breakYou spend the rest of the day working diligently on your tasks.

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