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IF you've scrolled on Reddit enough, it's likely you've stumbled across a site called Reddit Tube.

It's pretty niche, but it can be particularly handy when you're stuck for something to watch.

What is Reddit Tube?

Reddit Tube is a free website (found here) where users can watch an endless array of YouTube videos from any subreddit.

What makes Reddit a unique social media platform, is it's distinct subreddits.

Subreddits are communities of people focused on one thing in particular, be it documentaries, cross country or Google Earth.

The site randomises videos from specific subreddits and puts them into an infinite loop on content for people to watch.


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All you need to do is type in the subreddit you want content from in the search bar at the top of the website.

Is Reddit Tube safe to use?

When on the website, Google Chrome doesn't alert users to any cyber risks, such as hidden malware.

It also doesn't ask you to in put any personal details, such as your name, email address or banking information.

This makes it clear the site is not being used as a data farm for nefarious purposes.

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Users can simply head to the website and press play, skip or previous and watch an eclectic mix of YouTube videos that have been pulled from Reddit.

Is Reddit Tube part of Reddit?

Reddit Tube is not an official part of Reddit.

A Reddit user by the username @Wood4Sheep claims to have created and launched the website from scratch around four years ago.

It was met with a great reception from Reddit users.

And the site appears to have had no issues with Reddit in the four years since it went live.

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