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Reading and writing are basically basically the same thing. Forgetting to readwrite can result inbehave a very negativedireeffect on a persons life. The reading part of all this might be a bit of a stretch of the word, I think it means just hearing, but thats just me but in any case, the writing aspect is probably the important bit. There is literally nothing more important to a society than it having writers. The world of this world is basically a medieval landmass in which the main continents are ruled by two competing empires, while the islands, the ocean parts, are ruled by pirates andor independent rulers. As for the cities, none of them are as large as the great cities of the real world, but their size is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Though not all of them are as big as they could be, especially the big city of Tiamat, on the island of Pachinko, On the other hand, there are still things that are very similar to the real world and modern-day Japan in general. For example, both worlds have modern technology and advanced medical and scientific systems. Now, obviously, this is far from being a complete explanation of what is going on in this world. I just gave a few examples of what might be a few things that might differ in this world, so that might be sufficient explanation for you in order to keep things clear. Re not the only one that feels that way. D still admit he seemed to know what he was talking about, but he seems to be a bit on the quiet side. Re not seeing anything, and then you see that somewhere behind the person there is a black blob, with a white face, floating in the air.

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