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The League had too many political concerns, it wasn, disorganized, it wasn, its own political slogans,-the League was. I thought something like the LNs might work too. And then the German-Nato-nations, Czechoslovakia-the last organization I wanted to join. I-m trying to create something like the LN. Re better off with your own country and you need to do something about the nuclear weapons problem. T, your country will fall and you will find yourself a new country to dominate before that happens. Your only hope is to continue to pursue nuclear disarmament by every possible means until the day that war is no longer a possibility. This makes you very angry because you have been trying to keep your feelings for Betty a secret from everyone. The last thing you need is to lose your temper and start a conflict that could start a larger war. So it strikes you: you need to change the world back to how it was before the Atomic War. To do this, you need to start a war that will change the entire world. M really fucking tired of the world hating me. Well, what are you doing to express your feelings.

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