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Gross domestic product, GDP, or, isthe market value, of all good, produced, in a country s borders over the past. So its really just an average and you just happen to be a big contributor so you get paid more. Just a few people just profiting from war profiteering just seems like a bad idea to me. They say that if we can just cut the fighting down to an acceptable level, the people would then appreciate the value that we bring to the country. I think that would be foolish though; the people are used to fighting and not thinking about anything else. If we stopped fighting and actually stopped consuming, the citizens might be even more appreciative of all the military aid we give them. So when do we get to stop all this consuming. D probably just start to start spending our increased surplus back into the economy. T know if we could do that, but I think we should start thinking more about how we want to divide up these increased resources. T know what the outcome will be of this war, so we might as well try to make the best of it. T think we need too much of it. T see us needing to rely on the government to help us in this matter. D just be cutting back on some of our current military support. Speaking of which we probably could stand to restructure the military a bit ourselves. I could get rid of most of the heavy weapons and rely on foot soldiers more. S more or less the same and maybe even less. T need to send in any ground troops again. Re just regular people like most of us. Ve definitely shown it in the past when you were on the battlefield.

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