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In other words, a form of government is a specific organization or group of people that have decided to organize their lives according to certain rules. By and large, a form of government is simply a system, like that of a state or a society, by which people are governed, or are expected to be governed You: Why is there something called government. There is a how of a society of a society of a system of a system of government. You have been down an elevator before, but this one seems different. The door opens and there you are; youve never been in such a luxury-roomy elevator. There is a bar that faces the elevator doors and you look up and see a man in a suit, in the middle of telling a bunch of executives what a beautiful woman looked like, and there is a picture of one of those very same women hanging on the wall across from you. Your mind has been running through a montage of every advertisement ever made for something. You remember that this elevator was used for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, until it was all destroyed during the storm. You looked out from under it, and you saw a bunch of people trapped, dead or alive, staring at you. You reached out and touched their hands. They immediately, without any hesitation, started to scream that the elevator was going up.

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