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You decide to go to the one which you think will fit the most and after walking down the streets and finding nothing of interest, you decide to walk back to your house. As you walk to your house, you find a group of people arguing in a nearby park. You go to the parkYou walk to the park and you wonder if it is a good idea to walk there. You realize the sooner you leave, the better. You walk further into the park and the arguing gets louder. The first person who bumps into you says, Oh, are you the one that was arguing with Chris. You continueThe first person is Chris and you remember you had been arguing with him before. He tells you he is glad you remembered to meet up. He says you were right in what you said about him taking advantage of the situation. He asks if you have any money and you tell him that you do. Great, just remember you can always get more by giving me money, he says. You leave the parkYou leave the park, you have a lot of stuff and are a little dizzy. You make sure to get the money he gave you and thank him and he asks you where you want to go. You have to listen to their silly conversations as they complain about the weather or want to talk about the local gossip. You have to get to know them, you have to know if they are going to be interested in you. There is no logic to it, you have to act as you feel. You have to try to play hard here, but you also have to make a point to see them again some time later. You have a great time and your drink is the best one there is. Later when you finish it off, you think about some of the women there for a while. You know you can talk to some of them to your advantage, but you may also end up with some that you dont really feel comfortable with. You think and realize that you didnt actually learn anything about the world. You havent even learned anything about yourself. You are still the same person, you havent become anything else. You leave the bar having had a great time and you dont really remember anything, the world never seems to stay the same after all. You go to your house and you cant sleep well that night. You tomorrowThe next day, you go to the park again and then come back home. You sit on the couch and think about how you are probably going to have to interact with everyone again the next day and why you have to deal with it. You sit down and close your eyes thinking.

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