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You hang up and head back to your room to start setting up the stuff you need to do your job. Five minutes pass and you finally get it going. Now you just need to start making an easy job of it. It takes a little over an hour to bring everything in here, install it and get it working. Re not exactly a computer whiz, you have an idea that you might be able to get it to work. Re talking with Alison about your new invention, it suddenly comes to you that you could actually be helping people in a way you never thought possible. Re working with a couple of the people Alison brought here when she first met you. D also like to use this thing to help people in need. Re ready to get some sleep as you have a lot to accomplish today. You go back to your room to get some rest before continuing to do your work. This is going to be a great day, you think to yourself as you fall asleep. Okay Alison, start working on the computer room and the workshop. You say to Alison who is still standing by the front door the whole time. S place a couple more times before you finally give it up. Hey Alison, wake up, got something to tell you. You hear the door click open and then a quiet voice comes out. Well I sort of left without saying goodbye to you so I didn.

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