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WHEN driving, it is important to understand the road signs to ensure you stay safe.

There are many different types of road signs, but what do they mean? Here's all you need to know.

What does a blue road sign mean?

Blue signs are designed to give the driver instruction of what to do on the road.

This can include turn left, or that only certain vehicles can go down a certain road.

They may also inform that driver that the street that they are approaching has a one way system.

Blue rectangle signs are used primarily to inform, but are used on motorways to give directions.


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In terms of them informing, they may provide information that the driver may need to know on their journey, such as an upcoming weight restriction or a load bridge that you may be approaching.

What does a red road sign mean?

Red circular road signs tell the driver if there is a danger, and what they shouldn't do.

For example, if you see a round sign with a red border that says 30 on it, that means that you cannot drive at over 30mph on that road.

Red triangular signs are warning signs, to tell the driver of potential dangers they may be about to face.

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Examples of this are the give way sign, which tells the driver that they don't gave right of way in that circumstance over another vehicle.

Also, these may warn about a bend on the road, an upcoming roundabout, a road narrowing or the gradient of a hill you are driving towards.

What does a green road sign mean?

Green road signs are designed to inform drivers.

You will often see green road signs with directions on them, or the distance to a certain place from where you are driving at that point.

These particular ones are often seen on a motorway, and are larger due to the increased speeds the cars will be travelling at, in order to make sure the driver can still read it.

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