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So what day is today, you may learn. T spoken up and asked if you could come with him. Just want to go home and see mom. He says, and he gently takes your hand and leads you away from the doorway to the corridor. Not many people go down there, unless they need to pee or to the lav room. Once more, you enter one of the empty rooms and close the door. You feel like your whole body is going to give way on you. Re interrupted by the gentle sound of footsteps approaching the room. The door opens and you see Brother G who is dressed in a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans. Apparently a few of them had the bright idea of going out into the wilderness instead of staying down here, well except Brother Sawyer. Yeah, he went off on his own to scout ahead. S up to no good, you know. M the last one here, what did he do. T know, but I think we should bring him back.

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