What are two types of oligarchies?

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Theocracy is a religious entity that does not use power. Communism and theocracy possess enough power to promote their interests. Minority rule Putative monarchy, Communism, dictatorship Theocracy Communism. You open the door, and as soon as you do you feel a wave of cold wash over you. You freeze, because the thing thats standing in the doorframe steps back, and then another steps forward. Its a bipedal humanoid-ish creature, taller than you, covered in black fur and wearing a suit of greyish-blue metal plating with black-and-silver plates and buttons. Its face is that of a reptile with sharp, curved teeth, its eyes a pair of small, circular holes in the center of the head. It raises a clawed arm, and the door slides open. You feel like youre being stabbed in the chest, but you dont have time to react. The next thing you feel is the cold of the air, and then youve found yourself in a bright chamber. Its bright, but not blinding, like the light coming from a candle or a streetlamp. The creature sits in the chair, waiting for you to make a choice. As you watch, the chair slowly moves closer to the creature, until its head is only inches from yours. The creature reaches out with its other hand, touching your hand. With the chair so close to you, yet still so far. How can you possibly pick another course and still live. You dont know, and its terrifying all by itself. You dont know what is sure, and you arent ready to find out. And you think maybe the thing in the chair just did it. The chair looks at you, taking a deep breath. One clawed hand reaches out to touch your hand. Your mouth falls open, but you manage to stop the pain of your eyes watering. The chair moves closer to you, until its just.

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