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New MoongateThe tidal bulge from the tidal bulge from the first high tide of tides is something that is rarely, if ever, seen, but it is possible to see it. If this were a normal situation, and a ship sailing under normal conditions across the ocean would encounter a tide that was higher than normal, it would affect their ship. The ship would either capsize or be damaged, or it might float a little, if the ship was lightly loaded, but the ship would capsize. The ship is full of people, most of them carrying large, expensive goods, and the ship is going to be carrying those expensive goods from one city to the next across the ocean, and most likely back again. In this case, the first high tide would not affect the ship. There would be no time to repair the ship and the ship would leave port unscathed, but that would not be the case. You say The high tide is a thing of the past. Your first task is to take control of the ship, which you succeed in doing within minutes. The ships crew remains loyal to you, and you soon gain respect for your actions, or lack thereof. In any case, the crew becomes a reliable source of work and the ship quickly becomes your ship. It is a good thing too, as you will have access to much needed funds for trade goods and the ship gets much needed repairs. You are on your way to finding new work. As the weeks pass, you and your crew get more and more used to your new lives. They are a rough and bumpy lot, but they survive. You need to take over a cargo ship to make money, or trade in some place. The work is hard, but there is always something to do. The best way to spend your time is to make yourself useful on the.

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