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Just click on the following buttons to select the best exchange rates for you. You could check for international banking fees, about a 10 surcharge, and for domestic fee, about a 1 surcharge, on banks in your country. Please note that bank transfer and Western Union may not work for everyone. Please enter your phone number, required to receive the messages, And dont forget to press the button.

You get a new text and the sender identifies himself as David, the manager of a clothing store with two locations in London. He also states hes a student at one of those locations and plans to use the money to get a better education after he graduates. 2,000 transfer fee which the sender says hell deposit into your account once your order is shipped. You confirm with your phone provider that it is indeed a Western Union account and youre ready to order. You wait on Davids reply for several hours and then he finally responds. He explains how he needs more funds to start a business. He also says he plans to use the money to pay for his own studies. He states he cant wait to open up shop in New York and plans to study business. He states that hes not a drug dealer, hes a real estate agent. This young man plans to use the money hes earned and earned for college to build up his own business. David mentions he wants to become a licensed real estate agent, as hes been trying for almost two years. You tell David to get a hold of the money he owes you now. 2,000 a day now and he could become a millionaire right away. He says he hopes youre happy with the choice youve made and that hell make sure to keep you updated on the operation of his clothing store. He says he hopes this was the best deal for you and you can get back to your life. You can then contact him and he says you can contact him now to start up the business relationship all over again. You cant possibly want to take anything back now. In less than a day youre back in business again. Of course, youll have to change some of the merchandise and figure out how to make other money, but youre back. Well, not really, but the point still stands and youre back. You look at what you accomplished and how happy you are with your life. You spend the rest of the year doing the same thing, except with less money and less time.

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