We’re waging war with WHEELIE BINS against drivers on our street & have our own one-woman army called 'The Bouncer'

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FURIOUS neighbours have launched a war on Manchester City fans who park their cars on their busy streets on match days – by blocking the road with their wheelie bins.

Elaine Burns has even earned the nickname of “The Bouncer” for regularly battling with motorists who dare try to park in their tiny street in Greater Manchester.

Locals claim that match day chaos has been driving them barmy, after brazen fans ignore the parking restrictions that are put into place.

Those who live in the streets surrounding the Etihad even claim that wardens aren’t bothering to ticket those who break the rules – so have enlisted one brave resident to tackle the worst offenders.

City fan Tony Almond, 77, who lives on Charlesworth Street told The Sun: “Elaine doesn’t take any messing and she’s always telling people off.

"She’s only little as well.


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“The whole road is full of cars on match days. I’ve had to put bins out to block the road and stop people parking.

“It’s supposed to be permit holders only, but you don’t see too many wardens coming around enforcing the rules.”

Elaine has earned the nickname of “The Bouncer” after repeatedly going toe to toe with drivers who park on their street and told the MEN: “They don’t care, they just get tickets.”

Tony also claims that coaches and buses full of fans selfishly block street corners in their desperation to park – causing “dangers” for those trying to cross the busy main road.

He added that if he needs to go shopping he has to leave early and come back quickly or risk losing the space outside of his home.

Elaine doesn’t take any messing and she’s always telling people off

Tony added: “One time someone parked outside and I asked them to move. But they just gave me the two fingers.

“So I phoned the wardens and they came round and lifted the car on to a truck and took it away.”

Other residents have complained about drunk fans coming back to their vehicles, saying its “absolute chaos.”

Marie Riley, 60, said: “It’s mental here when the match is on – absolute chaos.

"Some cars turn up with fans who’ve been drinking and the bottles can roll into the road and smash so there’s broken glass everywhere.

“We’ve had to park our own car further away sometimes when we’ve been shopping and carry the bags all the way home.

“I’ve seen the wardens ticketing people but they don’t seem to care and are happy pay the parking fine. That’s why we’ve been forced to put bins in the road.”

Margaret Fox, 55, who lives on nearby Hinkley Street, added: “All the cars get really annoying on match days and when the new arena is built it will just make things worse.

“But I don’t agree with having year round restrictions. It’s going to be a real pain getting visitor passes, and a lot of older people won’t know how to get them online.

“It’ll also be a real hassle only having two passes for visitors.”

Currently Manchester City Council has several residential parking schemes surrounding the Etihad, but they are considering launching a new one to stop the nightmare parking problem.

It’s mental here when the match is on – absolute chaos.

Under the new scheme, it would mean that parking restrictions apply every day of the week and some streets would only allow permit holders to park between midday and 11pm.

Others would limit their stays to a maximum of 90 minutes during those times in a bid to battle the parking war.

Visitors will have to apply for permits online, with residents claiming they’ll be limited to a maximum of two for friends and family and the digital system discouraging older people.

Business permits can also be applied for, but will carry a cost of £45 per year.

Councillor Tracey Rawlins, executive member for environment at Manchester council said: "Through other resident parking schemes in Manchester we know they can make a positive impact for people living within its boundaries.

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"As Manchester continues to grow, particularly in East Manchester, we need to make sure there are measures in place to support the people who have called it their home for years.

"The further development of the Etihad Campus as well as the construction of a new arena are very exciting for the city’s future, but it can’t come at the expense of residents and local businesses.”

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