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Youre a newspaper, not some underground porno fandango service. Ive got a bad feeling about this, the paper should be endorsing us. Ive got a feeling your mom will be here any minute to pick up more newsprint. Lets call it even for now and just finish up this story. Im going to go grab my bottle of wine. I can see how your mom is not going to be pleased with this, but you cant afford to let this distract you. You have to make this clear to all your fellow employees. The reason Im writing it is because we need to be careful about this, but I also think its important that we put it out there because it needs to be said, because this kind of shit is happening all the time. Please do not use my mother and her friend as a stand in so that we can get a rise out of people, we have to make a clear statement that this is wrong,Okay, she says she wants a divorce. Because we all need a break from her. Well maybe you should just say you love her, or that youre just not sure. I bet she doesnt even know whats going on in our marriage; she probably assumes Im cheating.

Article about Globe and mail editorial cartoon