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T get this info from some girl at some sex website, you get it from some girl that runs a gaming website. Re going to have sex with this woman for money then you need to find out what she knows about your future and possibly have some of that money for her. Re just starting to get comfortable with what to search for and look for on the Internet. Plus the only game you have downloaded on your computer is a browser game. T even know if you ever even used a browser game before. Re not even going to get good at it. T even touched one, Or any other kind of computer to be honest, since you were little. Your parents have told you not to touch a computer or even a smartphone ever since they found out you stole one from your aunt. T want to be living a boring life in a basement with your parents now that the lights are out. You leave your room, throw on some shitty jeans and a sweatshirt you found at the couch and head to your room. S body lying on her bed with a knife on the floor next to it.

Post about 2 player games