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The National Rifle Associations new website is basically a disaster, and its not alone. Its not the first time that the Internets most powerful gun lobby has struggled with its political messaging. At its best, gun-loving websites have made a real difference to the national debate. At its worst, theyve played into the paranoia of gun-rights extremists, and theyve been blamed for causing mass shootings. Heres a look back at five of the worst-known sites from the gun lobbys anti-establishment youth. American Gun DigestAmerican Gun Digests name is a parody of the National Rifle Association. I dont know why anyone would read them, says David B. Kopel, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Denver. They would just go on the NRAs page. Gun blogs are a niche industry, but few have managed to make a name for themselves like the American Gun Digest. The NRA has sued it and the National Shooting Sports Foundation in federal court, accusing it of copyright infringement. The NRA has also run ads on guns and shooting range websites warning that readers could be shocked and killed. Kopel says that American Gun Digests success is its own fault: Its run by a group of gun enthusiasts who didnt take the NRAs warning seriously. You dont have a lot of NRA members making this site, so they didnt really think the NRA was going to sue them, Kopel says. When I ran ads for the NRA on American Gun Digest, it was a major advertiser, and I had to pay an.

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