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S a little early to get that excited anyway. T you have someone here to look after you. Just tell me who you want me to look after you. T afford to pay someone else to take care of you, I mean I already had to beg Henry here for some food to survive on the old wasteland. T you just come back here once in a while to take care of me. Well if you really want me to look after you, you should at least make the effort to come back here more often. M going to be able to do that, since you seem to be a very good distance away. M going to be able to make it back here. Re going to have to come up with something on your own rather than trying to call upon the power of Tanya. Ve been practicing all these years. I need you here and I need you to get some rest before the full moon comes to the surface of the earth. Ll certainly be back before the full moon rises again. Your journey to the surface is long and arduous, but you manage to actually make it back. You spend the rest of the night at the inn, and take care of any other things that might need to be taken care of. You get to bed early, because if you are going to be sleeping on the job again, you want to make it really early.

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