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TWO women who decided to try an e-scooter on a night out had a painful experience.

The pair were caught on camera losing control and smashing into a wall, ending up in a heap on the floor.

Jenni Morley had been out with four friends to celebrate one of their birthdays when they were offered a rented scooter by a passerby at around 9pm.

Jenni and a friend (who didn't want to be named) climbed on to give the e-scooter a spin, but it all went very wrong very quickly.

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As 31-year-old Jenni tried to cling on, she reached to hang on to the handle, which turned the accelerator and sped them up.

They then fly across the pavement and smash into a wall sending both of them tumbling to the floor.

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After posting the video on social media two weeks ago, the footage filmed by the duo's pal Katie attracted more than 5.3million views and more than 23,000 likes and comments.

Jenni, from Nottingham, said: "We're always having a laugh every time we get together.

"We'd gone out into town for a birthday celebration to do an escape room.

"We were going back to the train and one of the girls had a go on the scooter. I said 'I'll get on with you then' as a laugh.


Man on illegal E-SCOOTER with no helmet tries making it through a flooded street

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"We ended up crashing into the wall. I'd only ever been on one of the scooters in Lanzarote. They're fast."

Neither woman was injured in the crash, despite neither wearing a helmet.

E-scooters remain illegal if bought privately and used on the public road or pavement.

However, the e-scooter the two women were riding is legal as it's owned by a licenced hire company.

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